November 03, 2007

web 1.0 companies that are still delivering get an immediate 10 trillion dollars - good news for!

frank lolcat paynter and jeneane solve the challenges of web 2.0 using social software from

from g-chat, sat eve:

Frank: my face is all asymetrical too
me: i think it's endemic
Frank: one eye is on the end of my nose
me: me too
my brain is in my butt too
Frank: and my left ear is where my eye should be
me: i thought so
it's all so complicated
Frank: very
me: let's just start again
Frank: first we have to get people to keep blogrolling
me: right
what's WRONG with people
(they don't take care of their pets either)
Frank: surfing is inconvenient if you have to keep hitting the back button
they dissect their pets and they trash their blogrolls
me: amen
Frank: my dog is now a counter-surfing crime dog
me: stumbleupon will sell for like 9 trillion dollars
but fucking blogrolls are free
Frank: she goes after chocolate
me: she's smart
Frank: exactly about stumbleupon
and that's why the monitizers are trying to influence us away
me: i think web 1.0 tools that are still around - like haloscan and YACCS (no support anymore but still works) and should automatically get 10 trillion dollars
just for putting up with all the assholes coming after them
get like a pass to disney or something
Frank: I think they should bulldoze oreilly whq and re-plant the orchard there in Sebastopol
it was a nice place before they wigged out technophiles moved in
me: yeah
what you say
Frank: and silicon valley
replant the walnut trees and shit
get scoble out of there
me: valley
rename it
Frank: rename it web 1.0 valley
me: call it like trees and stuff valley
Frank: Gilroy used to be the garlic capital of the world
me: garlic valley
Frank: now it's all subdivisions and shit
me: people probably dissecting frogs
Frank: and there was artichoke valley
me: not taking care of their pets
worried about their assymmetricality
Frank: wonder how many of those they still grow?
me: frogs?
Frank: wonder if frogs have all their eyes on one side of their headds
like halibuts


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