October 04, 2008

she was READING? more lies.

Is it a crime to incite an assassination - because she might as well be crying: Hang the nigger! With a wink and a smile.

Side Note: American Exceptionalism.


more, said better, here.


Karoli said...

I agree. She is dangerous. I believe she is a sociopath who, if unleashed would wreak as much havoc and destruction as she possibly could, either by design or incompetence or both.

Straight Talk on McCain said...

If Palin wants to bring this up, she really needs to be careful. One of the people who McCain pals around with is G. Gordon Liddy, who was involved in the Watergate scandal and admitted in his autobiography to plotting to kill people. Oh, and on his radio show, he instructed people on the best way to kill government agents. http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/2008/10/domestic-terrorism.html