September 29, 2008

War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

How can anyone in good conscience support the power structure that has been in charge for a decade -- the one that has succeeded in ruining the economy and waging a 100-year war with the wrong country. They'd like to tell you it's the fault of minorities and the poor. I know a few people who have lost their house or had to sell before forclosure, and they look mostly like Glenn Beck. They would like you to go aaaaaallllll the way back to Jimmy Carter (second only to Bill Clinton in the GOP blame game) and pin the current problem on him.

How stupid are we? That is the question that will be answered in the next election.

How. Stupid. Are. We?

Ron K. Jeffries has heard from some friends who are early casualties in the economic war zone.

Here is some of what is happening:
  • Friend #1 said in a phone call: “I’ve lost my house, the auction is tomorrow.”
  • Friend #2 writes: “My IRA has been wiped out but more importantly, Ameriprise has frozen my huge cash deposits, because the Reserve Muni Money Mkt fund has not honored their redemption.
I'm so sorry Ron. I don't know what any of us are going to do. Meanwhile my health insurance premium goes up this month to an obscene amount for an obscene deductible.

It's going to be a long road.