October 04, 2008

The Children Notice: Recession Archetypes

We don't have the TV on a lot at home. But kids talk about what their parents can't afford to do right now because of "the economy." Vacations not taken. Gas not to be had. Gym and swim memberships gone by the wayside.

Most of all I think she notices all of the new office construction, the new plazas, sitting empty. "90 days free lease!" "OFFICE SPACE!" "For Rent - First 3 Months No Cost." She knows Sonny's Barbecue has gone bankrupt. She's seen the two coffee shops we used to go to fail.

She told me today: "I had a dream last night mom - you and I went to Coldstone Creamery to get an ice cream cone, and it was gone. Empty. It had gone out of business."

I told her that must have felt like a crummy dream. She said yep it sure did.

Wonder how long before it's reality.