July 26, 2002

people are saying...

Hey, j., I like your poetry. When do you write it--do you write right there in your blog?

Answer: Gee, thanks. and, uh, yep. I write right here in this posting spot, and most often, I write the poetry as I'm nodding off at night, in that space between wake and sleep where I find that having my fingers on the laptop keyboard pays infinite rewards, the most fun being, I don't know until the next day what I wrote. And sometimes I acutally like it! Write a stanza, nod off, pull my head up, write another, nod off, and so on. It's not for everyone. For instance, if you have a life and/or need your sleep, this method of writing may complicate things.

That's pretty much how I do it. No real thinking. Just finding the words leftover when my mind goes dark.

A highly recommended exercise for blogging junkies.

And now, speaking of sleep, I'm off to put the kiddo to bed.

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