January 17, 2003

danger wish list

Some of these things may already be possible--on day three of using this freaky Hiptop, I'm still a novice. But I wish...

It would let me into secure sites--unfortunately you reach a dead end when the "Accept this Site?" screen comes up asking if you want to accept the digital certificate. On the forums I've checked out, it seems to be a bug. Or something that's cropped up recently.

The camera incorporated a flash.

The camera output larger pics at a better resolution.

I could zoom smaller and larger when bringing up sites on the browser... near as I can figure, it's one size and you do a lot of paging through.

I could figure out the calendar and reminders.

I could attach my notes from the note pad in email.

There was a meaningful, customizable portal page from T-Mobil that could be my homepage--a gateway to my fav stuff and gadgets w/out going to "Go To"

I'll come back and add to this list as I figure out more stuff. And when it gets really long, and I'm sure this stuff isn't just user error, I'll forward onto Danger. Because, as you know, I'm a bit obsessed.

1 comment:

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