January 15, 2003

No HipTop (Sidekick) Yet.

Keep looking for the fed ex truck. getting excited. check out this team blog of HipTop/Sidekick users. More proof that the blogomatic is all that.

Starting the take down process for my old website yesterday was a moment, so to speak. It was a moment when I decided I am making my online home here, on allied, or at least in Blogaria. It was a moment when I accepted blogging as a critical part of my life, for real, for good.

It felt kind of like a commitment ceremony of sorts. In other words, I finally took my vows:

Do you, Jeneane, take blogging as your sole platform for authentic voice, to post and to update, at least every few days, as long as you both shall live, or at least as long as you have an active network connection?

I do.

Do you, Allied, take Jeneane as your life source, to love and grow you, with words and images, through uptime and downtime, as long as you both shall live, or at least as long as you can afford to be hosted?


I now pronounce your blogger and weblog.

You may now post and publish.


Dum dum da dum dum dum dum dum da da da da dum.....

Rice, flowers, waiting for Gary to make me a Just Weblogged sign (or something) for the bridal limo.....

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