July 15, 2003

Bad bad moood.

Have a job interview today. Well, kind of. Meeting with the CEO. Already did some work for them, impressed em. That's good. They wanna talk about options. Thing is, I've been in a bad mood. Baaaad mood a risin'. I've got to turn my head around before 2:00. Gotta get on my interview suitt and channel Halley's energy--that's my only hope for not letting my badness shine through.

I got these vitamins last week. They make me evil. Figured out yesterday that they might be part of my lil problem these days. I'm saving them. From time to time I need to be evil. But on a daily basis, it kind of wears on you. I think I won't take them today. I'll take three of Jenna's gummy bear vitamins instead. yum.

It's hot and sunny--perfect pool day--and I resent having to drive downtown. I ask myself, what is wrong with you? Where's your enthusaism? Wherefore did your "what a great opportunity" thinking go?

Instead, I feel like playing hookey for the rest of my natural life. Or, maybe "from" the rest of my natural life.

Gonna run away, chase the daylight around the world. Catch me if you can.