July 15, 2003

when i get too into myself, I'm reminded every time

Such was this evening, when I spent a half hour trying to chase this puppy out of the yard--shooo! go home. I tried to get the van out of the garage. She'd run in. I'd get out of the van and chase her out of the garage. Try to close it. She'd run in.

oh gosh you're sweet. Now go away. Can't have this. Too much going on already. So go. GO HOME!

But she wouldn't. Hasn't yet.

I went to a bunch of neighbors with her. "Oh yah, she's been around here for a couple of weeks. Friendly enough. No one knows where she came from. Might have been those people that moved out."

A walker from the next street over. Same story. "Yep, we've seen her. Doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Showed up at the Peterson's last week."

Oh great.

And Jenna.

Mommy please please she loves me!

No Jenna--there's a rule. You can't have three dogs and a cat. It's against the rules.

Surely there must be rules.

Atlanta bloggers, need a puppy? She looks to be about 12 weeks. Baby teeth. Black and brown. Smart. Skinny but seems okay. Pictures coming soon. Would sure make some kid a nice dog. Not this kid. Or this kid's kid. Can barely keep it together over here.

oye. she's in the kitchen now. staring at Hunter. Smart girl. Hasn't tried a thing except laying down and rolling over to get his attention. And Hunter, dare I say it, likes her.

Haven't tested Bando or Diva. Maybe put her out back with Bando. Give old Diva a break. Until someone can come get her and give her a good home.

Or until I lose it.

Whichever comes first.