July 24, 2003

that little mermaid!

Jenna "graudated" from her swimming class today.

--click photo to watch jenna dive and swim!--

Two weeks ago she didn't know how to swim. Look at her go now!

Swim, baby, swim!

For my part, my hair has never been so light, my skin has never been so brown, and my heart has never been so bruised.

Being in and of the water and watching Jenna soak up good health and fresh air and friends is my solace. No asthma since swimming started. It has done wonders for her lung capacity. She can hold her breath for what seems like forever!

Two days ago she swam down to 7 feet and touched the bottom. "WOW!" she came up saying. "This is just like the ocean!"

This is what life is right now. Thinking, growing, understanding, loving, momming, sunning.... and waiting.