August 21, 2003

loving moms grow children who love effortlessly

Doc said goodbye to his Mom yesterday. He shared her last words with his readers.

It was actually just one word: Love.


Let that settle in, and consider the type of person she must have been, the way she must have lived her life, to have that message waiting on her lips as she said goodbye.

Love=one another
Love=your neighbor, your brother
Love=I love you
Love=should be enough; if not that, then what?

If you know Doc, he is testimony to his mother's life and love, her ability to show that love genuinely, unconditionally. He has shared that with us not only in his postings about his mother and his family, but through that place Doc writes from. His mother informs his voice, and she always will.

That is evidence of a life fully lived.

Blessings, Doc.