February 13, 2004

reflections from droopy eyelids

The last few days of work-like-mad-n-wait-to-be-paid hell remind me why I want to work at an uncompany. Not because of the work itself, or waiting months to get paid. But because life is too short not to work with people you like.

In the past, we went to work, and if we were lucky we made some friends there, which made work ultimately more enjoyable. Perhaps it has flipped. We make some friends and *then* go to work.

I do know, from one recent engagement anyway, how it feels to work with people with whom you fail to connect, where no one is looking past your cornea down into the place where you breathe, think, create, dream. Eyelid deep interactions don't come close to the kind of connections many of us form in this space, without even having eyelids. Well, of course we *have* eyelids, but we can't see one another blink.

I can't find my footing out there. Why? Is it because I've been standing over here for so long?

I know one thing. I'm tired. Bone tired. But I've been thinking lately that I need to appreciate the people and clients I click with, where progress is measured humor and results, in WOW!s or YAH, AND WE CAN ALSO DO THIS.

Where there's a heartbeat.