April 17, 2004

In the words of Howard Dean

YEEEAAAAAAAAAAaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!! On my new laptop, retreived from the wrong house, where it landed when UPS left it there, in the driveway, and now I'm on it wirelessly from my piano top and I don't even know how it's doing that. What's up with that? Does my DSL linksys router have a wireless thingy I wasn't aware of? Do I live in a hotspot? Or am I leaching off of my neighbors? Either way, it works for me!

I realized I've been living in 2001. It's nice to join the rest of yous. Oh, and I can finally TYPE without letters repeating and jumping and skipping all about. This is effortless. It's like floating in water. ohhhhh. i so happy!