April 14, 2004


I can't decide if looking for a new laptop feels more like shopping for a new car or a new house. The strangest thing, and if you believe laptops can be demon-possessed then this may not seem so weird, but after I plunked the just over a thousand dollars down on a new acer, opting for the budget-reliability combo (and don't anyone say anything bad--it's not even here yet) with thanks to Sheila Lennon who uses an Acer Travelmate, and if it can withstand all the writing Sheila does I figure it can certainly handle mine, but I digress.... What I was saying was that after I plunked down the money for the new laptop, this one is suddenly behaving.

I know. I know. It sounds crazy. But look at me type. I've only had three double-tripple letters (which I fixed) in the last paragraph. That's pretty good for this refurbished Dell, whose keyboard issues started the day I brought it home.

So, who knows. Maybe my Dell felt the reverberations of all the searches I've done this last week. Or maybe not. Either way, a fall in status is in store for this puppy.

Listen, Sheila has some great info about Amazon's new search engine capability too. Check it out. I'm on my way over to Amazon now to do just that.