March 14, 2005


Glad to see David give Shelley a link today. Sorry to see Doc focused on the same old blog-boy-regulars over the last few days, because if a great guy like Doc is lulled into status-quo vanilla flavor weblogging, then there's no hope.

A bit queasey to see Dave projecting again, this time on the topic of a potential women's blog conference. Oye!

And all in all, really feeling like this place resembles someplace I don't belong right now. And I say that with an echo of "THANK GOD!" resounding in my noggin.

Glad to see Halley and Shelley continuing to tackle the diversity (aka, lack thereof) issue. Keep on, Ladies. And remember to tell the U.S. a-list fellas that you don't have to go all the way to Kenya to find a brother to link to.

Read Shelley on our weekly allotment.

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