April 25, 2005

How do you know when things are accelerating online?

Me? I know when I'm suddenly posting in too many places at once, and my personality, usually so well-defined and dogmatic in its certainty, splinters into a million different parts.

It doesn't hurt when that happens, but I hear from a friend that vicoprofen rocks. So maybe I should say it does hurt.

In fact it hurts very badly.

Maybe some doctor will wishlist me a bottle of vicoprofen.

Because I do have a bad right shoulder.

And regular ibuprofen doesn't work so well anymore.

But a hit of vicodin would be worth a looksie.

You know what else? My kid's a riot. "OH THE WAY THAT YOU SEEEE...." for oh say can you see. I love it.

So what's new in your world?