April 25, 2005

okay I'm too tired

No way am I doing 30 posts tonight. What was I thinking? I planned on 30 and got 2 done.

I think I have to rethink my challenge model. In the old days, 30 in 30 was something to shoot for. Remember when we had the all-night blogothons for--was it charity? I don't even remember. I think I did one. I don't even remember what it was. There were a number of 24 hour post-a-thons in the old days. That's when I got into trying to post 30 posts in 30 minutes. I had wicked fast fingers in those days. Now I think I have carpel tunnel. In those days, I could get 30 posts done consecutively, but it ended up taking me a couple of hours each time.

A post a minute? That ain't happening. I was in my 30s then. I'm in my 40s now. With age comes discretion.

I can't afford a couple of hours right now.

Sleep tight.