May 04, 2005


I had to drive to a client meeting today that was all the way up toward Cumming, which, if you know where kennesaw is, well then you know that is a bottom-line stinky commute, picturing the Pepridge Farm man saying, "You can't get there from hea." And I'm driving and driving and thinking and mostly looking for landmarks in Alpharetta, which, if you know anything about Alpharetta and me, you'd know that the place scares me. Not because it's a "bad area" but because it's a baaaad area. It's affluent and well kept and actually perfect, except that it feels tenuous and not real and like the dead people are just under the roots of the grass waiting to spring to life and eat you like a hamster baby.

That's how Alpharetta feels to me.

I ate a jalapeno cheese burger at sonic. Okay, it rocked pretty well but it was $3.29. And I ran all day and not til 8 did I get to eat dinner, which was a Checker's burger George brought me, which only cost like a buck and tasted better than the Sonic burger.

So that was pretty much my day. It included too much meat and a long drive through a pretend town.