June 13, 2005

Aggregator Dysphoria Dysfunction Evolution

The TV remote control of the blogworld, aggregators have been fascinating me now for what, two full weeks? That sounds about right.

As a relatively new user, I have passed another milestone this week in the world of Aggregators. I find that I've stopped bothering to click on the various bloggers I subscribe to so that I might find out what the 23 new posts they've written say.

With lightning quick speed, I simply skim through the listings, see how many times my favorite bloggers have posted, and am quite sastisfied with that knowledge alone.

What about actually reading some, you might ask?

Why, my aggregator makes me far too efficient for that. Think of the time savings I'm realizing by reading who has posted rather than what they've posted.

Besides, I've been channel surfing all weekend, and it's amazing, isn't it, that with all these channels, there can still be "nothing on."

A blog-friend and I were talking recently, yack yack yacking away on the phone. (The phone is that medium where you really do LOL.)

"Jesus," he says, "Doc's posted 120 times since the last time I checked--STOP IT DOC, You're gonna go blind!"

Bloggers: Have you checked your eyesight today?