June 16, 2005

Ethnic Tanning

I haven't been blogging because I've been living, which has been nice. At the pool. In the sun. Beautific sunshine water wrap cool breeze summer stuff. Yum! I have now surpassed any need for sunscreen, even 4 oil, and might just gravitate to baby oil and iodine next week. In the mean time, behind all of the #30 sunscreen on the shelves at big lots, I found two bottles of some off-brand Australian oil for $2.49, no sunscreen, no nothing, but shine shine shine and brown brown brown. People, they say, "Where have you been?"

As a result, I'm now nearly the hue of my daughter in the winter, and she is now the hue of a dark-skinned East Indian. What a mix we are. She, the Jamaican-African- Native American-Sicilian-Czech who is East Indian for the summer, and me the Sicilian-Czech who is now Jamaican-African-Native American as well for the summer.

And all from a bottle of Australian tanning oil.