September 19, 2006

okay maybe someone will get ON THE PHONE NOW so I don't have to listen to this on-hold music!

Joey DeVilla and Wendy Koslow, Ronnie Bennett, Amy Gillingham, Ralph Brandi.


Jeneane - Mauve. Tie-dye shirt, sweats.

Joey - Navy Blue. Trouble-shooter, wearing t-shirt and boxer shorts with bear pix.

Ronnie - Midnight Blue. Loose cotton pants. Jacket. Portland Maine.

Amy - Muddy Green. She has a new baby and a two-year-old (flickr pix) who crushed her croissants this morning, she is wearing a brown shirt and left-over maternity shorts.

Ralph - Shade lighter than midnight blue. He is Red-Green color blind. Traffic light green looks white. Ronni's bedroom, which is white and green, which would look unicolor to Ralph. Joey's boxers would look brow to him. Ralph is wearing a Ass Ponies t-shirt and a pair of shorts that are purple but look brown to him.

COLOR BLIND UPDATE: On the Apple Airport Wi-Fi hub, there's an LED that shows working as green and not working is red. Red-green colorblind people like Ralph can't tell the difference.

OMG WE ARE HAVING FUN!!!  Pressing 9 to record does NOT work. That kind sux. Here's how's recording feature works:

You press 9 to leave the conference so you can enter the pin.
You don't leave the conference
Everyone laughs because you are still there
You try entering your pin
The first number of your pin is the SAME number used to exit the conference

You then call the 1-800 support number and left a message.

Someone call and record this motherfucker.


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