October 09, 2006

No, I Acquired YouTube.

By now you know that I took the weekend off. For the first time in A YEAR I went totally offline for the weekend, unless you count SXSW, which I don't, because that was work despite the fact that it was a vacation. Since de-partnering last September from my previous Co-Foundership into year-long prosperous solohood, I haven't had a moment TO take off from work. But this weekend, I did. And I used it wisely: Cleaned the linen closet.

While in some households this might be a two-hour task, it's been 48 hours and counting, because our linen closets is one of our two 'catchall' closets in the house. Oh. My. God. Should you really have drugs more than 11 years old? I know they have a longer shelf-life than the drug companies would have you believe, but this time I got firm. Anything older than my pre-teen kid hit the trash. Towels from college--I graduated in 84, in a bag for those in need. Sheets from beds long gone--anyone have a dire need for full or double bed sheets, mismatched? Homeopathic, psychotropic, antispasmodic, prophylactic; you name it, it was in this closet. Four bed pans, and where the hell did that thing you measure urine output come from--how many surgeries ago? And CANDY? Mmmm. Two boxes of bandaids, one strip at a time, and at least 200 rubber bands on the floor. Q-tips? Fugetabouddit.

So uncharacteristically anal was I that I went to the dollar store and bought those little baskets to organize the shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, drugs, thermometers, bandages, nebulizer parts, etc. I had to hold George up when he came home from the gig Sunday night and saw it. NEVER have we attempted a feat so stunningly successful (except that there are six bags of linens to go through, but that doesn't count because they're in another room now).

I liked it so much that I've decided to take next weekend off too!!! I'm going up to Rochester for my wonderful Aunt's birthday and retirement party with Jenna. George is taking care of our now: 2 dogs, 3 hamsters, 2 cats, and 1 fish. That's ANOTHER story for another day.

And lastly a question: Your female dog gets spayed. How long do you leave the Elizabethan Collar on, and how long before you let her go out and be herself in the yard all day? They said 10 days. She's stir crazy and tomorrow's 5 days. I figure, if I let the two dogs out separately, she should be okay, no? With E collar? Without? I'm getting tired of the pooping on the paper. Even more tired of the pooping on the wood floor.

By the way, I snuck in at the last minute and grabbed YouTube for $2 Billion. Just thought you should know.

[Note: The Photograph used in this post is merely a simulation of my organized home. It is most certainly NOT my organized home, as my home is a disaster, except for the linent closet. In the event of an actual organized home, you would be instructed where tune in your area. And it sho as shit wouldn't be here.]

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