November 13, 2006

A different kind of T&A

A week from today we get to go back to the ENT to see what he can make about Jenna's tonsils and adenoids.

We went about 3 years ago, and they decided to watch her instead of removing the works then. In the last three years, things haven't improved much. She still gets strep a lot; she still gets so sick when she gets even a little sick that she misses school and too many fun events, and these illnesses still trigger her asthma. So we're thinking that maybe it is time to reconcile with the idea of surgery. Although we've run hoops to avoid it through other means for  long time.

I remember getting my tonsils out back in the days of ether.

In those days we went in the night before and stayed a couple of days. I hear now that children often go home the same day. Wow.

I remember getting wheeled into the operating room; i remember the big round face sucker coming down, i REALLY remember the smell, and saying, "No, no I'm going to throw up!" And the condescending man saying, "No you're not, it's just the smell," and me saying, "Yes I am!" And i REALLY REALLY remember throwing up all over the operating table, and i REALLY REALLY REALLY remember them jumping out of the way and shutting everything down and being pissed off, maybe swearing a holy shit in there, and i remember not knowing why they were mad but being embarrassed anyway, and then i sort of remember them sending me home with my tonsils and adenoids just where they were before the hospital visit until i could come back and not throw up in the OR.

I went back to kindergarten not with honor, for having heroically survived the operation we all feared, but an outcast for having gone to the hospital and come back the same as I was before: sick and with tonsils.

They tried again a month later, and I managed not to throw up. I dreamt of all the ice cream they said I could have, and wanted none of it. And I didn't get sick again until college.

If the T&A (tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy) is in store for Jenna, I pray for none of the drama, none of the vomit, but the same good results.

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