November 13, 2006

Wish I had the $ to Hire Nick Douglas...

Build your own brand, Nick. You're one of the funniest writers in tech (okay you deserve a better compliment than that). You are the only person I know to slap around the Technorati Elite and have them still like you.

You got game, baby.

Today, without you, ValleyWag reads like a bad day at work and looks like a bad night in the ER. Anyone can be pissy. Anyone can mock. Not just anyone can make me feel good about participating in the abuse.

Nick Denton will find his footing there; he's obviously pro. But Nick's not Nick. He's Nick.

If I were one of those Silicon Men with a few dozen million dollars in my pocket, I'd hire Nick Douglas in a flash. Instead, I'm a girl blogger meant to populate the underposts of techmeme and link to all of those impotent--oops, I mean important--guys with the bazillions in their pockets.

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