January 04, 2007

Boys Break News -- Girls Lose.

It's fascinating that I was the first to post the BubbleShare news, 30 minutes after the release hit the wire -- heck, you might even say I'm a little piece of the news -- and that Toby Bloomberg was the second to post -- but it took Matthew and Marc blogging it to make Techmeme.

I'm sure I'll wind up with a supporting role on Techmeme by linking to Matthew and Mark's posts.

p.s., Thanks Michael for digging what I said. ;-)

UPDATE: After considering a point Gabe Rivera made in one of his (ahem) comments, I adjusted the headline of this post to the version I had right before I first published. I stand by my criticism over the lack of women in anchor positions on Techmeme and won't change a word of this post. But I should have published with the broader headline, because the issue reaches far beyond one website.

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