January 05, 2007

SoCon Atlanta -- hey that's my google map location!

Oh my, what a great conference name: SoCon.

she breathes.


and out.

decides that any conference self-identified as "SoCon" and FREE has potential.

And officially OMG, it's in Atlanta, with an unconference in Kennesaw, which is quite nearly precisely and exactly where we live.

I just found out about it from j. brotherlove, who says he's going, along with Karsh, and I'll use any opportunity to connect with Their Smartnesses. I think Toby mentioned it too. Why isn't she leading a session? Grab her, people. I'll be happy to lead a dinner table discussion if the organizers get more people (and have more tables) than they do right now.

okay, well, like jbrolo, I don't think I can afford the SXSW trip this year -- not shortly before D-day, I mean Tax Day, but hanging out in Kennesaw at a SoCon freebee conference sounds good to me.

One bit of unsolicited advice--stretch it, okay? Add guys like j. brotherlove and Karsh and George. Or ask them who might be good to include -- geeks, designers, writers, artists, performers using social spaces online to connect or create. And I mean to talk or to contribute or to discuss or to eat with. Not lecture to.

Social Software is bigger than the same old "journalism" and "PR" and "podcasting" drone. Let's maybe encourage Atlanta to show off its major advantage over other cities at this conference -- its textures. Textures, context, inclusion, diversity, resilience -- not just the New Media 101 topics that have been done to death.

Of course, the devil is almost always in the details.

If I've learned anything from my 27 years of blogging and social tech, it's that.

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