April 02, 2007

a platform for further discussion.

I was looking forward to seeing what unfolded when Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke spoke together with CNN. Obviously, CNN went with the simple angle -- the cute kitty vs rageboy. jesus. reductionist reporting--even worse than what I've seen across the web this last week.

Fortunately, Chris and Kathy did make coordinated statements that offer a starting point for real discussion. If I have any regret around what has unfolded here, it is that I have not been able to write about these issues. I was silenced early on by repeated threats of legal and police action for something I did not do. I've barely felt well enough to get my real work done, let alone work up sufficient outrage over being asked to appologize for my choice in friends, which, for the record, I do not.

I'll write more about the issues that touched me personally in all of this when appropriate. For now, please return to the stars of the show.