June 17, 2007

how about a social place that lets us suggest features for social places

Of course, a couple hundred thousand other facebook users were thinking the same thing: "Why do I have to make up a story, like, "from beating a purse-snatcher off of his second cousin who then invited me to dinner at the family home," when I could just say, "met online."

Lest we overwhelm techmeme with posts on good feature requests, it would be nice to have a social app that acted as a centralized input point for passionate or frustrated users to visit and add feature requests (and bug finds) for some of the most common social spaces--like myspace, like facebook, like friendster, like second life, like kaneva.

And, let's add a wish list while we're there: "Hey you young, savvy, 14-year-old innovators, if there were a site that did x, y, z, you'd have All My Attention and all the VC money you could count--now go make it so!"

Think of the competitive fun--MySpace gets to see exactly what users want in FaceBook and vice versa; YouTube gets to see what's bugging Google Video users, etc.

Just thinking outloud. It's what old people do.