June 21, 2007

mac without a net

So i just moved what's left of my files over to the mac. Yep, I'm outta George's way and off his hard drive. All my MS Office files. All my timesheets. Everything that wasn't lost in the Great Hard Drive Crash of 07. It's weird, using this trial version of MS Office to do the paying work I need to be doing right now. But if I'm ever going to learn, I think I have to hop on over all the way. No PC safety net. Just jump. See if I can fly by the seat of my mac.

"Fly by the seat of your Mac."

People should pay me for that kind of shit right there.

This macbook is unreal. I mean how easy is it to WRITE? Pretty much you just open up the thing and type. You hardly even need anything interesting to say. What a Boon to Blogging!

(rim shot)

Holy cow and the keyboard. It's subtle. Welcoming.

"Keyboard, meet fingers. Fingers, meet heaven."

I got a million of em.

Anyway, I am all about this mac. I am GOING to get this 32 page white paper done right here on this new machine, with Word for the Mac, track changes and all. Just watch me.



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