August 18, 2007

Jamaica on my mind

I remember when Ivan was set for a direct hit on Jamaica, and how it skirted around at the last minute. Hurricane Dean looks like an unparalleled menace on a truly frightening path toward the tiny island.

streaming radio from jamaica.

Some Jamaica-based bloggers:

  • Moving back to Jamaica: "...we sit here waiting, doing the best we can to prepare ourselves. And it's still a really nice sunny day today, with blue skies and hardly any clouds and a light breeze."
  • Jamaica Girl: " plan is to batter down the windows, put things in high places away from flooding and head to the man’s to shelter in his big bed!"
  • Stunner's Afflictions: "I will be at work! What the hell! Yes I have been forcibly drafted in the hurricane team and will be at work for quiet a long time. During the entire pre-hurricane, hurricane and post-hurricane periods. So I will spend the rest of my day securing the home front, then later it will be off to work."
  • Mighty Afrodite (Grand Caymans): "Dean and his whereabouts dominate the topic of all conversation, as we all get ourselves into a state of preparedness. Supermarkets are packed; cars are moved to higher ground; information is being disseminated like wildfire; plywood and shutters are being off loaded and inspected at individual residences…and it all gives me a strange sense of detached pride for my island and its peoples. Ivan was a hard lesson learned but, we learned our lesson. No one wants to be caught off guard again."
  • Jamaipanese: "It's the middle of the month, I am broke, it's two weeks before school reopens and a little bit over a week before elections. I just hope the storm doesn't affect us too badly for too long, I can still remember how Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Emily blasted us back to the stone age for a couple days."
  • Jamaica Gleaner: "Hurricane Dean roared across small Eastern Caribbean islands yesterday, tearing away roofs, flooding streets and killing at least three people as it headed west on a collision course with Jamaica and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula."

Our prayers are with you all.

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