August 20, 2007

eyes still nose ya!

chat to frank:

HEY SO you know how i've been not able to focus or write much lately, well so yesterday i am just so confounded, right, so i'm sitting in the kitchen when i realize: i can't see SHIT. 45 years old, had 20-20 vision my whole life, and so i had no clue wtf was happening, but i suddenly realize i can't fucking SEE. that's why i can't write or read anything because i can't SEE the shit. So i go over to walmart today and spring for an eye exam (no money for glasses but what the heck), so i find out i have 20-40 vision and two astigmatisms (well one in each eye), and i need reading glasses for now. He says my distance vision is going but still passable so i don't need BIFOCALS yet, and I'm like BIFOCALS??? I was just 22, wtf are you talking about?

Me in George's Dollar Store Reading Glasses