September 20, 2007

For the indie consultant's toolkit

No I'm not even getting paid by these folks.

I figured I would do something different today and start out with a disclaimer that disclaims my non-involvement with a cool web-based signature tool company called echosign. I used their e-signature capability today to sign an NDA for a client after searching Google to see if such a tool exists.

Echosign eliminated the hassles of printing, signing, and faxing back the form, and since this particular fellow didn't have a fax machine handy, that meant I would have had to scan the signed form, save it as a JPEG, then attach it in an email, blah blah zzz zzz.

With echosign, you can one-click sign a document, email it to the people of your choosing, and access the saved documents in your online archive.

You get 5 trial signatures when you register. After that, it's $12.95/month, which is just above my gut-instinct price point for such a service. That's why I would like Google to buy echosign and add the capability to Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Thank you. (P.S. Google, please work on solving the healthcare problem first.)