September 21, 2007

is there a blogger's fantasy football team anywhere?

I haven't played Fantasy Football in 15 years. After reading AKMA's post on his fantasy baseball season, I'm jonesin' for a good season of Fantasy Football.

There was a time in my life when football was my reason for hanging. A powerful depression/anxiety combo platter threatened to undo me early on in college. I was in Buffalo then, and became a Bills fan--in the days before the Bills had a shot at post-season play, let alone super bowl appearances. I became part of a community of people who knew the odds were against them, and believed anyway. Above all else, football teaches you that.

The love of football I had as a kid sustained me. I wish you could see me at 9, wearing my bright red #16 Lenny Dawson jersey, tough as nails, shoulder pads underneath, watching intently as my brother drew the next play on the palm of his hand.

I'm an AFC girl stuck in an NFC town. It's really not fair.

The best antidote I can think of is a good round of Fantasy Football. Drop me an email if you've got a line on a Fantasy league for me, will ya? And remind me how to play. I'm a bit rusty.