September 10, 2007

Google Could Fix Healthcare

Dear Google,

On the eve of making a decision whether to go up to a $3500 deductible and $600/month for health insurance (six sick visits a year before having to pay out of pocket up to the 3,500 and paying 30 percent after that), I turn to you for help. Because you have demonstrated by developing web apps that change the way we work that you are a problem solver of magnificent proportion.

With all this foundation money, which is growing faster than you can spend it, You are in a better position than the U.S. government to fix health care in America. The country is bankrupt, while you are flush. So, who should we trust more to make thing happen quickly--the government and health care industry that have let us down again and again, or the company that makes it possible for us to make a living globally without leaving home?

Google, above all do no harm, okay... but if you want to lend a real helping hand to the challenges of web workers -- to give us what we are REALLY missing -- tell us how you'd make it so we can have access to good health care for our bodies and teeth, ourselves and our kids, without losing our homes, our families, or our lives?

Web app that if you would.

I thank you.


p.s., I am not kidding. What if you extended benefits to your users -- your customers and partners -- not just your employees. the lines are blurred. we already work for you. i have worked for for six years. let us in.