September 10, 2007

Tell AKMA Happy Birthday!

Stop over at AKMA's place today and say happy birthday!

My goodness when I met AKMA he was just a young man of 44. Now he is Very Very old.

But Seriously, there are two handfuls of people I've met through blogging who have made a difference in my life and the life of my family. There's one handful of these people who are so much part of my life's fabric that they are part of the reason I'm still here and still healing.

AKMA is one of those people. I thank him I thank him I thank him. He demonstrates in life and on his blog the meaning of Grace and kindness. Of wit and understanding. He has not let the conservative bushwhacks run away with his Christianity. Or my Christianity. He cares, truly cares, about people. He is an example of what it means for real human beings, with bumps and bruises and real-human-being-stuff, to have Faith.

He and his wife Margaret and his family are our friends and we are blessed to know them.

Happy Birthday AKMA!!!

(and don't forget the mountain goat!)