October 07, 2007

Mashup: Pimp My Ride and the Wayback Machine

Doc takes a shot at remembering all the cars he's known and loved before. And you?


1976 pacer bought for $100. My first car. I duct-taped all of the holes eaten away by rust and spray painted the whole car with blue rustolium. Drove for 2 years.

1982 Chevy Cavalier station wagon. Free - inherited after my grandmother's death. Drove over 100,000 and gave it to a friend.

1991 Isuzu Pickup truck, $10K new. Drove til it was paid off and then sold it to the neighborhood exterminator in 1998 for $5K.

2002 Chevy Venture Value Van - $16K - hate it. My current ride. Vow to never buy new again.