October 11, 2007

Not that I Care But I Do...

What the hell is Technorati doing with Authority & Rankings the past month?

Dave's been in my home town enjoying the local past time - eating good food - and has taken great pix of my favorite landscape and old hometown during his visit to RIT.

Meanwhile, my T'rati Rank has fallen from the 2,000s to the 3,000s to the 10,ooos to a personal low of 25,254. And my Authority has fallen from a high of 800-something to a low of 200-something. Granted, as for the Authority number, I haven't a clue as to its meaning, but it seems to me that high was better than low, because when I was high they put a cool microscopic badge next to the Rank that said "Top 5000." Now high is the new low, except of course for the Men and Media Conglomerates of the Top 100, who stay pretty much the same give or take.

I mean, compared to the other quirky blogs, I have more fans, have certainly been around longer, and am pretty damn quirky. So why is my authority equal to bloggers with 1 and 2 fans?

I end this post in the way that every blogger ends the obligatory post about their ranking and authority numbers: OH I really don't care about this stuff. It's all a bunch of smoke and mirrors masquerading as a business model. Blah blah woof woof. So on and so forth.

Except that I do care.

I'm just not sure why.