October 14, 2007

This City Just Doesn't Get It

Southern Metroginormous cities like Atlanta, which a few decades ago were towns without millions draining resources like mosquitoes at a blood mobile, have a hard time grasping when it's time to DO something about a problem. Atlanta public officials are famous for letting problems fester and grow from annoyances into crises before they even think about dealing with them.

Hence our dire situation in Georgia currently, and in Atlanta specifically: We're gonna run out of water.

"Most large metropolitan areas have systems in place where they try to be better managers of the resource than that," said Don Wilhite, who founded the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been involved in drought responses for at least three decades.

I'm sure most do. But not here. We're still sending water down to Florida, into some areas where no outside watering restrictions exist (we've had those restrictions here in metro Atlanta for years).

Howdy Florida neighbors! Mind if we drive down and visit your showers?