October 19, 2007

Web 2.Ouch - sense-surround vest for video games

What do sick people, prisoners, elders, and geeks have in common? Apparently the need to get prodded.

Now there is a special vest designed to let players of video games feel the punches, slams, pokes, and various other body blows that come at them during games.

Apparently the vest was designed without the virtual contact sports market in mind. In fact initially the vest marketed as a remote diagnostics tool for physicians. In other words, to:

"...give medical exams via the Internet to prisoners, the elderly, those in rural communities and other isolated people."

The medical version of the vest is more sophisticated, enabling doctors sitting at their computers to prod, poke and press patients' bodies from afar and get feedback on what they are virtually feeling, according to Ombrellaro.

I suppose the vest now has a dual use: It can beat the crap out of the gamer geeks, and then let doctors remotely diagnose their broken ribs.

What a mashup!