April 02, 2003

"Get a Bigger Dick Today!"

I'm happy to report that my spam has followed me to my new laptop--what great news!

In other news, I am FREEEEEE from the confines of the corporate agenda. Or laid off. Depends on how you look at it.

Breathe, 2, 3, 4.

This is a quick post to say I lived through it--said goodbye to Della in the HR person's office. Sad. Forgot to bring the CD Drive (it's the swapable type). Promised to mail it.

The Schwans man came and filled our freezer with food on a post-dated check. Hoping funds arrive to cover it. Ah well, it's all good. Today we eat, for tomorrow we may...

Getting used to what my words look like on this Presario screen. Have to meld. Melding not complete yet. Bear with me.

Fingers like it though.

Off to read some blogs. Suppose I'll have some free time to do just that for the near future.

FUCK. SHIT. Motherfucking hot wind blowing down I-75 on the way home, AC cranked, what the hell, it's only April. Listening to neo-cons on talk radio just to remind myself. See the double-axle Ford pickup with the six foot pole off the trailer hitch and the 6' x 4' American Flag hanging down, licking my hood? Redneck motherfucker looked just like DICK Cheney behind the wheel. On the phone with RB, I say, you should see this flag--it's the Perkins flag on the back of a pickup. Only in the souuuuth.

Then a Chevy Suburban assaults me at the light. Tinted windows--you know those LONG windows on the suburban that run the whole length of the back? Making fine use of all this real estate, this patrioticidiot has etched the following in soap-or-something on both sides of the suburban and the tailgate: We are at war. If you don't support our troops then you go to HELL! [Hell is underlined for emphasis. Good thing. Otherwise I wouldn't have taken him seriously.]

I take a look at the guy and his wife. DAMN It's another Dick Cheney body double. Invasion of the body snatchers goes red white and blue.

I'm outta here ... later!

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