September 26, 2005

In my house it would be nose plugs shaped in the form of doggie biscuits...

Because our dog stinks so bad.

But you may have a better idea.

My friend just alerted me to this Idea Fetch contest for the pet-a-holic in your life. You have a chance to submit a product you've often wished you had for your little furry munchkin and if you're voted in as top "petpreneur" you get $40,000, plus your product (with your pet’s photo or yourself – you choose) on the shelf of every PETCO store in the U.S.

$40,000 for nose plugs? I'm in!

(Or, since Coco the hamster escaped AGAIN today, perhaps I might suggest one of those little ankle bracelets they put on Brat Camp participants to keep track of them when they attempt the prime-time get away. Do they make those in hamster size "M"?)

Anyway, I pass it along. All part of the service.