September 30, 2005


It was a big week at our house. BIGGER because of you. Because of "the bloggers!" as you are known to our little lot of three.

It was a big week because Jenna's 8th birthday was marked with box after box arriving from Amazon not just holding the coolest of the cool presents, but also the most amazing show of hey kid, we know you long time and we think you're pretty cool, and lots of things matter to the people you're gonna run in to day in and day out, but us guys, we we're here to say you're special. We're representin' for who can and who can't send, and we want you to know that we think you are pretty cool and your mom is pretty neat and your dad is too, in fact your whole family is a lot more interesting than you'd imagine at your age--except what about those hamsters kid, you really have to keep a lid on that Coco because she's turning your mom grayer than she was with all this escaping and pooping under the Kitchen stove. Can we work on that between now and 9? What do you say?

That's kind of how we imagine you all talk. And we imagine you all the time.

Except for those of you whom we've met. You have real names and faces and hotels that we think you live in all the time.

Some of you do live in hotels a lot. We like hotels. A lot. But most of all, we LOVED our eighth blogapalooza birthday and we'll be sending along thanks in other ways, but it seemed only nautral to say thanks here and KISS AND HUG YOU ALL and when are we going to have a party in person is what jenna would like to know? Because you can never have too many parties.