September 27, 2005

Why Crazy Glue Might Work Better

I got a tooth crowned last November. It wasn't fun. I didn't like it at all. The root canal was much worse than the crowne though. Do they spell it with an "e"? I'm thinking so. You pay more money for things that end in "e".

It's almost paid off. Are we proud of me?

Today I'm sitting in a client meeting (Hi Guys!), chewing on a milky way mini-bite, and something starts to not taste/feel like nugut, or caramel, or chocolate, and I realize it's my tooth, or my prosthetic tooth better known as my expensive crowne.

I had already slipped it into my purse when I decided the right thing to do was to fess up and show it off. So I did. Is that gross? Bad client etiquette? I'm thinking that's standard operating procedure, but I admit my boundaries are fuzzy these days.

But HERE's where the story gets interesting. Are you ready? The strange thing is, I was sitting next to a woman whom, just two days prior, was sitting with my business partner at lunch when HIS crown came off.

Same woman. Two days. Two crowns.

That's just spooky.

That is way far away from being right.