January 06, 2006


Oh Canada! We've got some major web2.0sky coming from the U.S.'s best neighbors to the North, and I say that because during Web 1.0 I wasn't using two Canadian products simultaneously on my blog. In fact, I forgot where Canada even was. Now I use both Qumana (no work relationship) and BubbleShare (yes work relationship) in my regular blogging and daily actvities of living (online).

What I like about BS is all the stuff I've already said. Here's an example (a daily life example). My nephew who I haven't seen since he was 10 is now 27 and he is in Europe playing Rugby and looking, for all the shock value I needed at the moment, like my husband at that same age. (It's his brother's first born). Anyway, he's borrowing computers on his trek across Europe, and he emailed George with some pix from the road--of course, he attached them to the email. Because unless you're going to get all registered and tied into a setting up an account and telling all about your life and your pet hamsters, attaching them is the easiest way to quickly send pics. But damn, who wants to get 7 meg of email attachments? And then download them and open them with your suckass photo-related software because you can't afford Photoshop?

NOT ME. NOT ANYMORE. It took me 5 seconds to upload those photos into a bubbleshare album and send the link to George, who's now sending the link back to his nephew, and on to various family members. No more 7 megs or Uncle So-And-So wondering how to view the pix.

We sent the young ghost of my husband past the admin link to his pix, and now he can upload new ones, and we can subscribe to the RSS feed.


Now, Qumana--I'm writing in it now--I love the WYSISYGedness, I like the UI, the nice fat buttons and the all the handy 'ms-wordy-type' text features. MOST OF ALL I like the tagging. I can't do this in Blogger without Multiple Pains in the Asses. Qumana may not be my end destination for an out-of-the-blog-tool composer, but it's fine right now. It's fast. Reliable. And I can finally do the tagging I should have been doing for 133 years but don't like to bother with.

It handles pictures perfectly, it brings in WYSIWYG posts from Firefox copy-and-paste with elegant eeeaaazzzeee.

I'm surprised there aren't more cross tagging tools that just sit in a little place and all they do is read and tag your copy based and they could show you a little running number of posts w/ the same tag, so you know if you do BubbleShare there might be 200 technorati tags while Bubble Share has like 3, and so you make the determination which tag you want to used (or both). Anyway, blah blah be quiet and stuff jeneane.

So I just wanted to say Thanks, Canada. If you could send some ideas for Healthcare down our way I'd be much obliged.

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Jon Husband said...

You're most welcome, EH !

Keep writing nice stuff like this, and I'll have our government will send you a 8 oz. bottle of Quebec maple syrup, some smoked salmon from Nova Sotia, a year's worth of petroleum from Alberta's oil sands, a one-day pass to the 2010 Winter Olympics at Whistler, and a 3-day seminar on how to govern a country with more than one political party of mostly rich white men.

Anonymous said...

ah, never forget us Canadians, "eh"? I am one of your biggest fans.


ps: I need to know more about Bubble Share, for the same reasons so thanks for the info.

Jeneane Sessum said...

HI Ginny! Nice to hear from me. Let me know if I can help. thx!