January 06, 2006

There Once Was A.... (from comments)

George said...
an e-writer, name of Jeneane
through blogging pulls down the long green
based in atlanta
a helluva ranta
and her humor is usually clean

11:25 AM

McD McBlog said...
Field of (Link) Dreams
The secret of Web 2.0
Is tapping a revenue flow
You link to some star
And pray from afar
You build it, they come to YOU... No?

McD McBlog

12:39 PM

Frank said...
God what a terrible mess
For my info to flow
I gots to know mo'
Than a friggin' grandmaster of chess.

4:06 PM

Kevin Marks said...
The web is a graph, not a tree,
and it's only a fraction we see.
What we look for we find,
so we just shouldn't mind,
that from time to time we disagree.

7:32 PM

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