January 11, 2006

kid sick sick kid

You know because I've said so: we don't have much school here in Georgia. Holidays abound. There is a holiday for every occasion, and it needs to be celebrated at the mall, at the grocery store, at the new aquarium -- anywhere you can take the kids, which certainly isn't to a client site, so hell's bells let's call school off altogether.
Anyway, today (yes Tuesday--yesterday was a teacher work day, student holiday; yes I know it was the first day back after a holiday, but it was also another holiday. Kind of like a rest up from your time off...) would have been the first day back for Jenna. But she's sick. So we were off. Again.
I love the way she can take her temperature with the little ear thermometer and tell me what it says now that she's 8. I don't love how she doesn't get the decimal point. So a 100.5 fever become a 105 fever and I'm all: LET ME SEE THAT THING! and she's showing me and I'm all: "See the dot? It's important."
Anyway, we went to the doctor because I wanted a strep test, and we got meds but no strep (yay!) and she is hopefully on the mend. At the doctor's office we saw Jenna's art teacher and Jenna's lunch lady in the waiting room.
Guess lots of other people from her school took the second day off after the day off after the holiday off too.
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