January 13, 2006

2.0 or CGM or PPM or PMS?

Larry Borsato is reflecting on my reflections on the new-to-me CGM, um, misnomer. He nominates PPM as an acronym for Clueless Consultant Types (CCTs) to use when trying to decide how to disect us and get us to consume their stuff.
Larry says PPM would stand for Personally Produced Media. That's a hell of a lot better than Consumer Generated Media. I like the personal and I like the produce, as much as I like any of this naming thing. 
How about Me to You - M2Y? In fact, I like m2y.us so much, I just bought it. me to you dot us. Has a nice ring. ;-) I'm thinking we should drop the media thing completely. I don't want to be a medium, I want to be a message.
As an aside, Larry notes that when he first saw CGM he thought it stood for Computer Graphics Metafile. That's sort of like when I saw MSM the first time and thought it was Microsoft Media not mainstream media. Or.. well... maybe I wasn't so wrong. Cuz everyone loves Scobes.
Anyway, what I do on this blog I guess is part PPM and part PMS, which means I don't know what I'm producing, but I take it personally and get pissed off about it at least once a month.  badabing!
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