January 08, 2006

From Kodak to Kodek?

My hometown paper announces that Kodak has rebranded , with a new logo you could have done at home with pixel art and your inkjet printer.

Maybe that's the point? As if.

They went from square to rectangular and turned the a into an upside-down e -- okay I guess I'm just seeing things.

I'm dying to know how much $. And I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall during the presentations where they sold in the new creative.

Most importantly: is my old corporate style guide worth something now? Any takers?

There's a way to make your weakness your strength. I'm not seeing evidence of that "way" in this new branding, but it's probably not going to hurt them either. Especially given the new partnership with Batman -- err, I mean Motorola announcement; now that's using their Knogin'.

Can Kodak rush from industrial age to new age fast enough? We'll see.

hat tip Adrants.


Ken said...

Sure they aren't rushing headlong into the dark ages?

jr said...

It think they hired the same people that decided that the back ends of cars had to be really ugly or, pardon the expression "butt ugly". If I had half a mind I'd offer a $20 iTunes gift card to the best blogger designed logo. But if I had half a mind I probably would like the new Kodak logo.

Anonymous said...

Re: The old corporate style manual - put it on eBay fast and take the first offer... Whatever happened to common sense and "real" marketing savvy that was so prevalent in the corporate world just a few years ago?