January 03, 2006

an ode to blogrolls

it's high time that somebody decided to bitch slap you all who think you've become too big, too PC, too journaljistic, or too embroiled in blogdrama to have a blogroll.

Clearly, your mama didn't raise you right.

Once upon a time, in the land of blogs, there were pixels and publish buttons. some people started arranging those pixels into words and publishing them online once, twice, sometimes 15 times a day. No one cared.

Then came the blogroll. The blogroll said: this is who i like to read, who do you like to read? Oh Cool! I see you--Do you see me? Oh Cool! I will check out who you like to read. Why don't you check out who I like to read? Oh cool! I will add that person from yours and you from mine and his from hers and theirs from theirs. Along with our posts, blogolls were streetsigns to regular coversation spots.

Then new people started writing online.

Then we added them to our blogrolls.


I'm glad I still do that.

We need to keep doing that.

Otherwise it's just another silly pyramid scheme.

Make sure they don't all look exactly like you either.




Euan said...

Spot on!

Phil Ringnalda said...

I was going to remind you that you have to refute all the reasons why we stopped keeping them, things like the way they perpetuate the tyranny of the old guard, even beyond their existence since nobody ever bothered to weed out things that had moved or gone away, but I can't point to stale entries on your blogroll because it isn't actually loading at the moment. Maybe that was another reason why we dropped them. I kept mine through blo.gs, which now blows, but I doubt that anything else is going to be any more useful or reliable at the price I'm willing to pay.

George said...

You have me convinced. My blogroll consciousness has been expanded and thus soon my very blogroll itself.

Now, what would you call a blogroll that other people make for you. Showing what THEY would like you to read or be interested in.

Pascale Soleil said...

I still find new and interesting people through other people's blogrolls. I miss blogrolls when people don't have them.

I am committed to keeping my blogroll of modest size, current, and legimately pointing to sites I especially value. I do it by hand (imagine that!); it's really not that hard.

B said...

only time i don't like Blogroll is when their site goes down. you are on mine. i love the service. simple.

Frank said...

I'm with you Jeneane. Blogrolls forever. I have to clean my up though. Some people on there not blogging anymore. Some people at new addresses. Some people not as interesting today as they were that time I found them and gave them the linky love. Maybe I just need to tidy my favorites up to the top. Yeah, that's it. I'll do that someday.

Acecadet said...

because a blogroll of a hundred blogs is pointless. It shows no preference. Blogroll packratting is what's killing blogrolls. Trim the fat, folks. We'll all be saner for it, and maybe blogrolling will be practical again.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Okay--I can go with trim and take care of. I can go with that. I need to take care. Until one year ago (i.e, for the 1st three years of this blog) I maintained my blogroll by hand, which with Blogger means you go into the template and you add the HTML and the links, and you do that every time you see someone you want to read. I was very proud i kept doing it by hand when others went to blogrolling.com. Then I went to blogrolling.com and found that one-click adding thing that lets me add new people on the fly and I said BYE BYE BY-HAND BLOGROLL, HELLO AUTOMATION. So that's fine. You can auotomate and trim and cut and skim, but you better add new poeple or you will ALWAYS have more links than them on technorati and that's not fair either. don't be chicken. don't be lazy. BLOGROLL PRIDE!!!

Shelley said...

Whatever happened to this being an environment where there are no rules and anyone does what they want?

Now Scoble is leading a charge against full feeds and you're leading a charge against no blogrolls, all of which gets mixed into the fact that we're supposed to adore the Cluetrain, but hate, well, whatever it is we're supposed to hate.

Here's a clue from me: remove me from your blogrolls, because I don't care if I'm on a blogroll if people don't bother to read what I write. Or stop caring that I write (just as long as I have full feeds and a blogroll and...)

Jeneane Sessum said...

Where blogrolls are helpful is in bringing in new folks and in doing so they find old folks and new and old and old and new all dance together in this happy place. Ha ha. Okay, this place. Shelley you're not new. You also have the tech-know-how to make cool tools that share the linkage that most of us can't do on our own. Fuck, I'm not MANDATING blogrolls. I'm saying it's good manners. And I'm not talking about new fangled feeds, but i do wish poeple would read cluetrain, and i think that about sums up my reply.

Mark said...

So true. I have found so many interesting and challenging thoughs via the blog role......

McD McBlog said...


I added you again to my blogroll...
I say again because I deleted my blog but I'm rebuilding.

If you would be so kind as to point to my effort I'd be honored.


Jeneane Sessum said...

leave a link. so i know.

McD McBlog said...



It would be an honor to join your list of links.