January 06, 2006

One little word - Help

Okay: hyperlinks HELP subvert hierarchy.

no one said there was no hierarchy

kevin marks is a guy, not a company.

Neither Shelley Powers nor Dave Rogers disapproves of everything.

Neither Doc nor David is "the enemy"

What happened to the good old days of making up limericks?

Prehistoric Blogolopolis

There once was a web that was fun
It went by the name "1.1"
Before "Social Software" was born
When RB's blog was all-porn
And the best thing to make was a pun.



Anonymous said...

an e-writer, name of Jeneane
through blogging pulls down the long green
based in atlanta
a helluva ranta
and her humor is usually clean

Anonymous said...

Field of (Link) Dreams
The secret of Web 2.0
Is tapping a revenue flow
You link to some star
And pray from afar
You build it, they come to YOU... No?

McD McBlog

fpaynter said...

God what a terrible mess
For my info to flow
I gots to know mo'
Than a friggin' grandmaster of chess.

Kevin Marks said...

The web is a graph, not a tree,
and it's only a fraction we see.
What we look for we find,
so we just shouldn't mind,
that from time to time we disagree.